Sport nets with logo branding

Ball stop net, goal nets with custom printed logo

Netzvertising develops solutions and strategies for the visualization of advertising messages. Our technology allows logos and motifs to be presented vividly on conventional sports nets, protective nets, ball-catching nets, backdoor protective nets as well as intertor nets and football goal nets. These previously unused network areas in the stadium and arena can be made use of by adding value.

Ball Stop Net with custom logo print


Our print results are characterized by a very high color yield and good contrast. Commercially customary printing techniques usually fail because of the dimensions and dimensions to be printed.

Our innovation is special high-coverage UV and weather-resistant substrates that produce the highest color brilliance and contrast. The thickening of the net thread generates a partial increase in surface area. The motif appears vivid and luminous for the camera and the eye.

Custom printed safety net

One-sided and round coating

The one-sided technology is predestined for ball stop nets, protective nets and safety nets in stadiums. On the non-printed backside is for the viewer nothing of the logo or the advertisement to see and this is thus not disturbed. The round coating technology was mainly used for our custom printed beach volleyball nets and football goal nets.

The new, one-sided coating technology has replaced the all-round coating and is no longer carried out by us, since the newly developed and introduced "One-sided coating" can be used for both sides of the net.

Custom printet beach volleyball net

If only one netside is printed, you will not see anything on the back of the net. No obvious disruption due to a mirror image of the logo on the back of the printed netting, as is needed, for example, for hockey. Due to the exact printing of the net, it is now possible to provide the net on both sides with a sponsor.

A football goal net could be printed inside and additionally an advertising message on the back of the web, pointing to the viewers. This technique is also perfect for custom printing on volleyball nets. The sponsor can be printed on both sides of the net body and is thus visible from both sides.


Together with you, we will develop goal-oriented implementation strategies, with the best possible, economic success.

"We're not reinventing the wheel, but we're getting it going"

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