Stop nets advertising

Custom printed ball stop nets and safety nets,

the most visible advertising on the pitch.

A technology developed, by us, to print on netting, which makes it possible to promote on well visible on conventional sports nets, ball nets and spectator safety nets.

Many stadiums and arenas require a spectator protection net or ball stop net in order not to endanger the viewer with the sports equipment. The printed netting, with advertising, can be used in football, football, handball and hockey.

These unused spaces can generate advertising revenue for your club. The logo or emblem can be printed on the net as big as possible.

Branded ball catching net

Printed safety net

For the ball stop net or spectator protection net we recommend a one-sided net coating/branding.

We don't use conventional inks on digital printers or airbrush systems, as a simple application of paint is not as opaque as a fiber coating. Opacity and transmission achieve the opposite and the plastic effect is completely absent.

Ball stop net with advertising


We use weather-resistant and high-coverage UV substrates. On the front of the net, the net thread is thickened. This will generate a partial increase in surface area on the mesh. The motif appears vivid and luminous to the eye. Visibility is increased in comparison, to a normal color application.

Compare the printed meshes to the net body in the pictures. The logos are more recognizable than the unprinted mesh itself. This effect can not be achieved with a simple color print.

Net with branding at the front side

Rear view from (Adidas) net with advertising

One-sided printed net

The net meshes are partially thickened on one side with a high-coverage substrate with the best color brilliance, thus creating the very sculptural motif. The visibility and thus the effective advertising effect can only be achieved with this Netzbranding 3D technology. Compare also our, on two sides printed volleyball nets

The logo print on the safety net is only visible from one side. This gives the viewer a trouble-free view through the printed netting on the pitch.

We only use new netting, ball stop nets, adapted by our European manufacturers to your and our needs. Thereby we achieve the highest possible quality for logo visualization on the net.

Black net with white/red branding

Rear view of black net with white/red branding