Handball goal net printing

Handball customized netbranding

For a branding on the handball goal net, or net for the handball goal, we use a special netting, which allows us to produce a very durable print. Unlike in football or soccer the nets in handball are much more stressed.

The high number of throws in the net, as well as the energy, with which the ball goes into the net, is not comparable with the football.

With our special coating we can let the color penetrate into the material, so that an abrasion at the printed goal net is as small as possible.

Two different types of net
we offer:

1. complete gate nets with net branding

The knotless net has the dimensions 300 x 200 cm, deep above 80 cm, deep below 100 cm. Mesh size and thread thickness can vary per logo. In principle, almost the entire network can be printed. The best advertising space is the 300x200 area.

Our coatings are highly opaque and can also be used for prints, white on black mesh, such as our printed ball stop nets.

Goal net printing, Handball

Simple stop net

2. Safety net or fall net for the goal. The knotless mesh has dimensions of 300 x 200 cm and a border reinforcement, mesh size and thread thickness can vary depending on the logo.

Information about:

When you like to have different dimensions, we can do it,just contact us.