Funtoplay mini goal nets with logo print

Customized mini goal nets

Even Funtoplay mini-goals has advertising space on the net. As with the large soccer goal nets, it's possible to custom print mini goal nets.

Funtoplay mini goals are used worldwide and are ideal for advertising or branding. We print and label the nets with your logo from a quantity of 2 pieces. We will print the replaceable nets with your company logo or club logo.

We don't sell the Funtoplay nets or Funtoplay goals, but we are able to print your unused FUNTOPLAY goal nets.

Training soccer goal branding

Graphic Data

A good net branding also requires a good artwork, so that the logo is well transferred to the net. Best suited for vector graphics. JPG's or other pixel graphics are rarely suitable for net branding.

Please send us your your artwork as vectorgraphic. After receiving your request and artwork, we will create an offer and illustration for you.

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Mini goal custom print