Highway Advertising
custom printed nets

Highway Advertising

Advertising netting or billboard advertising. One-sided, coated nets weight only a fraction of conventional billboards.

With the very low wind load of nets, printed advertising nets can be installed and mounted in much larger versions or with less mounting effort outdoors. The advertisement can be seen from a distance. The advertising network looks like a closed area. Flexible outdoor advertising on the highway.

Billboard Advertising

Technical development

With usual printing techniques one fails already at the dimensions and dimensions to be printed. That is why we have developed a very special technology for large area networks.

There is also the possibility of further use for use as a printed protective net in the construction industry. A low wind load is achieved by the relatively large mesh sizes. The protective net can thus additionally be mounted in front of the actual scaffolding or façade scaffolding with a relatively small additional wind load.

Printed net on the highway

Please remember

that not every logo is suitable for a network. For this reason, we always make a drawing, whereupon the final result is already visible in advance. If you send us the desired motif as a vector graphic, we will gladly make you a drawing and quotation.

Highway Advertising