Custom logo printed net tape

Bring your sponsor into the focus

We do not just produce custom printed volleyball nets but also printed net tapes or sleeves.

For indoor volleyball and beach volleyball mainly tapes or sleeves with the lengths 950 cm and 850 cm are needed. Other dimensions can of course also be made. The height (14 cm to 20 cm) you can choose yourself, depending on the existing volleyball net.

For example, the top of the net on your net may have a viewing height of 8 cm. The printing area for the sponsor has a height of 16 cm (front and back).

Custom printed net sleeve

Solution: Netsleeve with velcro strip

If you do not need a complete volleyball net with printed net tape, there is the possibility to provide a net sleeve with a velcro strip.

For this purpose, approx. 1.5 cm should be added per side (total height of the edge of the net 16 + 3 cm = 19 cm, viewing height then 9.5 cm) so that the Velcro strip can also grip. The Velcro strip is sewn with a sturdy double seam on the edge of the net.

The edges of the net are printed in multi colors. For official competitions in indoor volleyball, the edge of the net must usually be seen as a white background. In beach volleyball, the net edge may also be printed over the entire surface in a different background color.

Net-tape branding

Velcro strip

The solution with a velcro strip is perfect, if you have a sponsor who only wants to advertise on the net for a certain amount of time. After completing the advertising period, simply remove the edge of the net and the net is back to its original state.

Volleyball net edges, custom logo printed

When you have the desire

to buy a complete new volleyball net with branding then you are right with us.

Complete with kevlar tensioning rope at the top, laterally integrated polyester rods for reinforcement and tensioning cables.

Available in the sizes 8,50 m and 9,50 m.

Of course we can also supply special sizes.

Custom logo printed net sleeve

Net sleeve advertising

Customized volleyball net tape