Soccer goal net branding

With our printed soccer goal nets
your club logo will be seen

Show your clear self-image of your association and carry the positive image to the outside. Make targeted use of the instruments of the corporate design to put your overall appearance in the right light in a memorable way and so merge the Synergy, Club - Fan - Sponsor.

We manufacture for you soccer goal nets with club logo, logos and advertising messages in the finest execution and presence. Challenge us - we only deliver best results.

Custom printed soccer net, facing to spectators

Soccer goal net
advertising on TV

At "Schlag den Raab - Latte treffen" German TV Game show, the advertising partner "Erdinger Alkoholfrei" trusted our printing technology. With full success, as you can see on the following link.Youtube -Video - Schlag den Raab

Double-sided net printing

Soccer goal nets can be printed on the inside and outside. As example you can see our both sides, printed volleyball nets.

Soccer goal net printed with
club logo or advertising

The goal net meshes are partially thickened on one side with a high-covering substrate with the best color brilliance, thus creating the very sculptural motif. The visibility and thus the effective advertising effect can only be achieved with our technology.

A simple application of paint would not withstand the mechanical stresses for a long time. Opacity and transmission achieve the opposite and the plastic effect is completely absent. Our coatings make your advertising or club logo appear vividly and floating on the goal net. Spectators and press will no longer be overlooked by the new technology your advertising or club emblem on the printed soccer goal net.

Customized Printed Soccer net

Our innovation

are special high-coverage UV and weather-resistant substrates that produce the highest color brilliance and contrast. Due to the one-sided thickening of the net thread, a partial surface enlargement is generated and the motif appears vivid and luminous for the camera and the eye. Compared to a normal application of paint, we increase the visibility significantly with the thickening of the net thread.

Compare in the pictures the printed soccer goal net area. The logos are much clearer to recognize than the network itself. With a simple color printing, this effect can not be achieved.

Soccer Goal Net, meshsize 50mm

The printed soccer goal net

We only use new soccer goal nets which are adapted by our European manufacturers to your and our needs. This enables us to achieve the highest possible quality for the branding on the soccer goal net.

The close-meshed goal net is available in several sizes also as a special order, if you need a special size.

As a specialized Tornetz printing company and network printer, we can offer a variety of printing techniques on networks and advise you accordingly.

Netbranding, facing to spectators

Club logo branding

Please remember

every net has its limits and not all logos are suitable for printing a soccer goal net. For this reason, we always make a drawing, whereupon the final result is already visible in advance.

Please send us the desired motif as vector graphic and you will receive an illustration with an offer. With a vector graphic the illustration will come very close to the final result.

Soccer, roof printing (illustration)