Custom printed water polo net

We are waterproof

Water polo is a tough sport and there are sports that are more popular. But even here can be advertised with a printed goal net. printed goal net.

Take advantage of the unused advertising space on the water polo netz.

Our used and processed materials allow versatile applications, as shown in the pictures. The water polo goal net was printed with the logo of the Company "Nordsee" and is exposed to chlorine water.

Water Polo net branding

Water polo goal nets will be

printed on one side with a high-coverage substrate. The net meshes are partially printed on one side and thickened with a high-coverage substrate with the best color brilliance. This one-sided print creates the very sculptural-looking motif. Visibility and thus effective advertising impact can only be achieved with the technology we have developed.

A simple application of paint, on the other hand, would not withstand the mechanical stresses for long time. Opacity and transmission achieve the opposite and the visual effect is completely absent.

Customized net print on water polo net


We use special, high-coverage UV and weather-resistant substrates. A high contrast and color brilliance is achieved. For a watertight netbranding the net receives a special pretreatment. Compare with the pictures the printed area on the goal net. The logos are much clearer to recognize than the network itself. With a simple color printing, this effect can not be achieved.

Please send us
your sponsor logo as vector graphic. We will do an illustration with it, because not every logo will fit as print on a water polo goal net.