Custom printed indoor volleyball net

Custom printed volleyball nets, customized net body print

Indoor volleyball Nets Tournament net. Please let us know your requirements.

Netsize 9,5 x 1,0 m, net color black, meshsize 45 mm, 3mm string diameter, PP

Kevlar rope, ca. 5 mm, 11,7 m length

Printed upper net tape, 70 mm height.

Bottom net-tape printed, 50 mm height.

6-Point, 6 tensioning straps with quick release, lateral bars from fiberglass-polyester.

Custom printed volleyballnet, frontside

Two sides branding, logo readable from both sides of the net.

Net body branding, readable on both net sides

NEW - lettering, logo branding at the netbody - readable on BOTH net sides

As with our printed indoor volleyball nets, Beach Volleyball nets can have logo branding on both sides of the net, too.

per logo page a logo possible, eg. if 2 sponsors want to share the c

only small weight gain about 100g-200g, depending on the logo size

Custom printed volleyballnet, rear

For the volleyball net we recommend a one-sided net print, but we can do it on both both sides of the net. This makes it possible to apply the logo on both sides of the volleyballnet in a readable manner, or to use different logos for each side of the net body.

With the "old" technology, the coating, on the back of the net was mirrored.

Our innovation

The net body is partially thickened with a high-coverage substrate and the best color brilliance, thus creating the very sculptural motif.

We do not use digital printers or airbrush systems. A simple application of paint is not as high-covering as a fiber coating.


If you send us your logo as a vector graphic, we will gladly make you a non-binding quotation and illustration.