Custom pingpong nets

Custom printed table tennis net with the logo of your sponsor

Custom printed ping-pong nets can be an additional source of income for your club. The table tennis net can be printed or inscribed in different variants.Sponsor advertising or club logo on the table tennis net are a great way to generate additional revenue.

We offer a printing technique for the table tennis net with which you are compliant with the official table tennis rules of the German Table Tennis Federation. The inscription on the net is highly opaque and the branding remain free for unobstructed viewing.

Table Tennis Net with Advertising

Net printed on both sides

With the printing technology developed by us, we can apply the logo on both sides of the net. The view through the net is not hindered because the mesh holes remain free.

Rules of german pingpong association

Extract from the rules: 2.5.8 Advertising on nets must be kept in a slightly darker or slightly lighter shade of the background color. It must have a minimum distance of 3 cm to the upper edge of the net and must not obstruct the view through the mesh.

Logo data as a vector graphic

Due to the nature of the net is not every logo is suitable for printing on a table tennis net. If the logo or font has too many small details, these will fall through the mesh holes in the net.

If you send us your logo as vector graphic then you will receive an offer with illustration. With a vector graphic, we also get the best results for the illustration and print.

Ping Pong net with branding