Hockey netting advertising

Safety net with advertising,

generates additional advertising income for the club

Hockey safety nets are an optimal advertising medium. This exclusive possibility of net labeling is indeed unique. Our customer is absolutely enthusiastic about the visibility and the appearance in the arena.

This is a recurring theme across the entire field from BP through the club to the fans.

Hockey safety net branding

Single side coating

The fans rebelled somewhat in the run-up to the press coverage, fearing that their view of the field would be affected. After the first game, these waves have smoothed out again, as all fans behind the nets - without a single exception - have noticed or seen absolutely nothing disturbing.

The visibility is clearly directed against the field and the camera, so at this position no disturbing element - on the contrary, it has a very positive effect on the overall picture in the stadium.

Netbranding at the net meshes

Our innovation

Between a netbranding of NetzVertising and a conventional color printing, are not worlds, but a whole universe. The visibility with NetzVertising is exorbitant and brings the sponsor an exclusive and great appearance.

A sponsor spends a lot of money on a gig and, in return, understandably wants to achieve maximum visibility. This is only possible with NetzVertising, everything else is not nearly comparable.

Hockey safety netting

Possibilities and limits

All nets has mesh holes and small fonts and details, so to speak, can fall through the meshes. Not all logos are immediately suitable for printing on a hockey protective net. We will gladly advise you and show you with drawings the possibilities on which the final result can already be seen in advance.

Please send us the desired photo as vector graphics and you will receive a drawing and quotation. Aussagekräftige Bilder von Ihrer Sportstätte, helfen uns, Sie zu beraten.

Backside of branded netting, no disturbing logo