Custom printed volleyball nets for the beach

Custom printed volleyball nets,
front and rear READABLE

Trend sport with highest social acceptance, coupled with youthful lifestyle and beauty. Use these elements for your sponsoring and marketing concept.

Our beach volleyball nets can be printed on both sides, or only on one side of the net with a logo of the sponsor. The usual sizes for beach volleyball nets are 9.50 m, 8.50 m and 8.00 m. With the 8 m variant, the net antenna pockets are integrated laterally into the printed net. The net branding with double-sided coating on the net meshes we also create for competition indoor volleyball nets.

Beach Volleyball Netbranding

Two sides branding, logo readable from both sides of the net.

The complete beach volleyball net

You will receive a complete beach volleyball net from us. Kevlar rope at the top, 4-point mounting, multicolored printed net edges and printed net net body meshes. Every beach volleyball net is made especially for our customers. The net edges, top and bottom, are printed on request. Even special requests are fulfilled by us, if possible.

For a long life of the printed volleyball net, it is important that the additional weight, by the net body mesh print, is only slightly increased. The total weight of a double-sided, printed beach volleyball net is increased by about 100 to 200 g and is therefore not noticeable.

We manufacture the "EYECATCHER" for you

NEW - Branding on both sides of the net body

At "Schlag den Raab" (German TV Game Show) in mini-tennis, the advertising partner "Erdinger Alkoholfrei" trusted our printing technology. With full success, as you can see on the following link. The net is readable from both sides. YouTube -Video - "Schlag den Raab" (German TV Game Show)

Volleyball net advertising

Logo print technology

The net meshes are coated with the logo or font. We do not use ink or standart colors. With our coating technology and special coating material, we can coat the nets on both sides of the mesh readable..

Beach Volleyball Netbranding

Net branding - readable on both sides

The special process, developed by us, makes it possible to print volleyball nets on both sides of the net readably.

It's now possible to print two different sponsors or logos on one net meshes/portion. This is important, because two sponsors can share the production costs for a two-sided custom printed beach volleyball net.

Volleyball net, 2-sides advertising

Net mesh branding

Offer and Illustration

If you want an offer and illustration, take contact to us and send your sponsor logo as vector graphics In order to achieve optimal illustrations and printing results, we need high-quality templates

With stamp sized graphic, we unfortunately can not achieve a presentable print image. A vector graphic is usually preferable to a jpg.

Advertising on net meshes

Logoed Volleyball Net